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Data from existing sensors Geographically distributed assets Bridge GPRS/3G Monixo platform or 3rd party apps Connected machine 868MHz LoRaWAN Cloud ML Processor CBMPdM
Detection/Prediction Of Breakdowns On Rotating Machines


Clusters of sensors, the moniteur collects relevant data (vibration spectrum, temperature, acoustic emissions, etc.). This data is then analyzed in order to detect and anticipate breakdowns.

Real-Time Fluid Analysis


The FluidMiner is a connected system designed for the analysis and automatic regulation of fluids (cutting oil, industrial lubricants).

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+ models

Data Analysis

Physical Models

Replicating an instrumentation model or, more generally, a use case at the scale of an entire factory will help you capitalize on our experience and thus reduce or even eliminate long machine learning process. The goal: Deploy the most suitable predictive maintenance solution.

Predictive maintenance in 3 steps

... & 40 secondes


CAP : towards predictive maintenance

  • 01


    In a few seconds, the monitors are installed on the machine to be supervised.

  • 02


    Once acquired, the data is analyzed by automatically integrating generated thresholds.

  • 03


    Our goal: to enable you to act early enough to avoid heavy and costly breakdowns,
    but never too early to avoid unnecessary expenses and shutdowns.

According to our clients

Some Achievements

Use case

We support manufacturers in various fields and of different sizes in their conditional and predictive maintenance projects. Here you will find practical cases to understand how our customers use our solutions.

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Start from proven and proven models

Zero Code, Zero integration

In a few clicks, replicate functional and proven models (results + ROI)

Access to documentation and tutorials

Complete documentation makes it possible in particular to interface with existing sensors or to integrate analysis results into third-party applications (Azure, SAP, Historian, etc.) through our API

24/7 Support to transform the trial

You can count on us throughout this process to design the connected and predictive maintenance solution that best suits your needs

Launch A Predictive Maintenance PoC

Starter Kit

Our kits are industrial IoTs, easy to deploy and connected to our cloud or to your own private cloud (Azure, AWS, etc.). The data generated is analyzed to anticipate failures of the machines on which you will install them.

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Simple Kit (1 moniteur)

To try out real-time data feedback and conditional maintenance on a critical machine.

  • 1 moniteur
  • 3 sensors/moniteur
  • 1 bridge (LoRa gateway)
  • 1 year of cloud access and storage
  • email alerts and reports
  • Online support & training
  • API access
  • 1 year data analysis license
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Advanced Kit (3 moniteurs)

To try predictive maintenance on a critical machine or group (on the same site).

  • 3 moniteurs
  • 3 sensors/moniteur
  • 1 bridge (LoRa gateway)
  • Unlimited cloud access and storage
  • email alerts and reports
  • Online support & training
  • API access
  • 1 year data analysis license
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Years of experience in a few figures

Since 2015, we have enabled our users to ensure the availability of their critical machines through a proactive maintenance.

Machines monitored

Alerts & predictions

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Find on our Blog, our innovations and updates but also the key trends and our projections for the maintenance of Industry 4.0.

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